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By Josie Whitehead

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Leeds - Love It

This giant city, big and strong,
Is pulsing, vibrant all day long.
    As evening shadows cast their shade,
    The lights of Leeds are then displayed.

Financial centre, shopping malls –
Sky-scrapers rise, bold and tall.
     Brilliant lights outshine the stars
     And streets abound with motor cars.

Nightclubs, theatres, works of art,
Pound within your mighty heart.
    Seats of learning, students, books;
    Posh restaurants with master cooks.

Music, opera, writing, dance,
Stockbrokers and big finance;
    Public gardens, huge green parks –
    Swimming, running – on your marks?

Leeds United – heard of them?
Their footballers are Yorkshire gems.
     Cricket?  Think of Headingly –
     Without our sports where would we be?

This city’s a financial centre
So bring your money if you enter.
    Seek not those long lost woollen mills,
    Whose product grew on Yorkshire hills.

But don’t forget those days gone by.
There’s no-one here who can deny
    That wool meant money, power and trade
    And what we had was all homemade.

The Industrial Revolution came
And life in Leeds was not the same:
     Steam power arrived, and cotton too,
     And cotton mills?  For certain!  Two!  

If time, go see Leeds’ grand Town Hall;
The smart interior says it all:
    Mill owners who had ne’er to hide,
     Displayed their wealth with utmost pride.

Gone are the black Victorian walls,
Replaced with pristine shopping malls.
    Whilst here today our modern Leeds
    Strives to meet our present needs.

Copyright on all my poems

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