Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Lemmy the Lemming

Lemmy the Lemming hopped out of her hole –

    A burrow she’d made ‘neath the ground.

She hoped that a predator wouldn’t spot her,

     So her keen little eyes looked around.


High up in the Arctic, the summer is short,

    And in summer she’ll find some good food.

So what sort of thing do you think would be good

    For Lemmy and her hungry brood?


Some chocolate, cakes, fizzy drinks?  Oh no, no –

     A lemming would not eat such things.

They’d much prefer grasses, lichen and plants

     And a drink from a cool arctic spring.


And tell me what clothing a lemming might wear?

      In the Arctic, which would you prefer?

A couple of t-shirts, some shorts and a cap –

    Or a lovely warm coat made of fur?


In winter the warm coat that Lemmy will wear

    Is thick and not brown but now white,

For, by blending herself, to the colour of snow,

     This will help Lemmy hide out of sight.


High up overhead is a snowy white owl

     And a lemming makes quite a good meal.

With good eyesight and speed, he’d dive from above

     And, too late for poor Lemmy to squeal.


But today Lemmy’s happy for no-one’s around

    And the sun’s shining high in the sky,

And, with her small family close at her side,

      I think we should wish them goodbye.


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