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B i r d   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

Let Nature Sing - Robin.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Let Nature SIng

At 5 am on spring mornings,

      The sun shines in the sky.

Perhaps if you wake at that time

       You’ll do the same as I.


My window I then open wide

      To let the birdsong in

And, at that time, before man wakes,

      Their lovely songs begin.


The pigeons gently croon and croon;

      The blackbird’s song is clear,

And the little robin on a branch?

      Yes, his voice soon appears.


The birds sing at their very best.

       They hope to find a mate,

But, as humans, you’ll miss all of this

       If you sleep until late.    

Copyright on all my poems

Note:  On 21 June (longest day and also my birthday), I've known the sky to start lighting up at 3.30 am and sometimes you can still see the distant hills as the sun goes down at 11 pm.  The pigeons are usually the first birds to start crooning early in the morning, but quickly followed by the blackbird, the thrush and the robin.  Josie

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