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Let's Play Poetry Today -
What can we do? 

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Hello Children:

So now you  are an expert at writing iambic poetry and also anapaestic verse too - - - Well, are you?

So write by the side of these lines which type of verse it is:

1          On a bright sunny morn in the middle of May - anapaestic metre

2          Tiny gold fingers brush pastures and trees - anapaestic metre

            And awaken the birds on an affable breeze.

3            We went to visit Aunty  - iambic metre
                    Who lives in Timbuktu
               But we took the train to Dover –
                    Oh now what must we do?  

4          Imprisoned?  Yes, within a clock - iambic metre
            And forced to hear tick-tock-tick-tock!
                   I never slept by night or day
                  And though I worked I got no pay.

5          When the moon’s shining high in the sky, - anapaestic metre
             With the bats circling far up on high;
                     When the branches of trees 
                     Dance in tune with the breeze,
              Then the witches and ghouls will pass by. 

6           The flames dance warmly in the grate; - iambic metre
             The clock strikes twelve – it’s getting late.
                  I drowse before these flickering flames
                 Watching shadows playing games.

I hope that you had the correct answers and guessed the correct metre which I've used in my verses.


Now try writing some anapaestic and iambic poetry verses yourself, and yes, you can use my verse above as a template, although you must never copy my words and claim they are your own as this is contravening my 'COPYRIGHT' and you must make sure you understand what this would mean.  Don't copy other people's work but do your own using theirs as a template.

                                                                                                                          Josie                                        LOOK!


My eyes give me vision to see all around

As I look straight ahead and not down on the ground.

     I see the bright sunshine that lights up my day

     And I see the big playground where I love to play.

This is the first verse of my poem about 'Vision.'   So what metre have I chosen to write my poem in?  Don't forget that often the first word or words are not strictly exactly this metre because it is done this way to emphasize the subject, but then you will see that the rest of the poem follows strictly this metre if you want to write it well. 


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