Christmas Story-Poems
For Children

By Josie Whitehead

Holiday Presents
Holiday Presents
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By Josie Whitehead

Letter from Santa (A)

Dear Greedy Preedy 

I found the list you left for me 
Marked 'Santa',  underneath your tree. 
     I also looked around your house 
     And tiptoed quietly as a mouse. 
I saw a room piled high with toys, 
Enough for lots of girls and boys. 
     I saw your clothes, I saw your books 
     And quietly had a little look. - 
Designer shoes and trendy clothes! 
A quite spoilt child!  It really shows! 
     Your fridge was packed with food to eat - 
     The things most children class as treats. 
And yet, the list you left for me,
That one I found beneath your tree, 
     Was long, and asked for so much more, 
     Just like your other lists before. 
My elves and I have quite agreed 
That you, who seem so full of greed, 
     Will get no more toys from my sack; 
     In fact I’m taking many back!  

When you awake you’ll find that we 
Have now removed your toys.  You see, 
     We’re giving them to children who 
     Have asked for many less than you. 
Some children have no home or bed. 
They’re grateful if they just are fed. 
     They asked me for such simple things. 
     They’re grateful for small gifts I bring. 
I’ve crossed your name now from my list. 
My little presents won’t be missed. 
     This Christmas, without any toys, 
     You’ll think of other girls and boys. 
                                        Santa Claus 


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