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Minibeast Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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Love a Bug.jpg

By Josie Whitehead

Love a Bug

Think kindly of the minibeasts:

    The worms, the slugs and bees;

The woodlice, earwigs, wasps or ants,

     The centipedes and fleas.


If you were but a minibeast

    And saw a human being,

Well, would you think, on seeing one,

      Of staying there or fleeing?


I’m sure I’d dash away and hide,

     Or quickly fly away.

The thought of human monsters

     Might well fill me with dismay.


We’re human giants in their world -

     A thousand times their size.

So how do they perceive us all

    Through tiny insects’ eyes?


From trees and plants they spy on us,

     Observing what we do.

When we show them our love and care

      They’ll treat us kindly too.


They’ve learnt how to protect themselves

     From things that cause them harm.

They’ll sting or bite when they’re disturbed

     Or when they feel alarm.


They hope that we will love them though

     And show them our respect.

They also have themselves, their homes

     And children to protect.


So think kindly of the minibeasts –

    The slugs, the worms and bees –

And remember that we share our world

    With creatures such as these.


Copyright on all my poems

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