Christmas Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Christmas Pudding

The recipe for the Christmas pudding and also details about the British Christmas Dinner are HERE


By Josie Whitehead

Making the Christmas Pudding

You know what is coming and coming quite soon,
So come to my kitchen with bowl and with spoon.
    We’ll need some ingredients – butter and flour - 
    And our good Christmas pudding will be made in an hour.

Brown sugar and breadcrumbs; some dates, candied peel;
Add these currants and raisins – oh that is ideal!
     A few nice glace cherries and don’t forget eggs;
     Some sticky black treacle, and, yes, some nutmeg.

Add the juice of a lemon and orange as well.
Now mix all together – my word what a smell!
    Some people like brandy – we’ll put in a drop.
    Let’s mix it quite quickly and - phew! -  Oh let’s stop -

For the mixing’s all finished - we all had a go -
But the tasting’s important as I think you will know.
    Oooh yummy, it’s good!  Now one last thing to do:

     It now needs some cooking as I’m sure that you knew.

Christmas puddings are steamed for many long hours,
But I have a much better idea for ours.
     My microwave oven cooks puddings quite well.
     You’ll know when it’s cooked by the wonderful smell.

The pudding’s now finished so we’ll store it away
And the next time we’ll see it will be Christmas Day.
    Don’t eat too much dinner – leave room for your pud* –
    For we made it ourselves so it’s bound to be good.

Copyright on all my poems

*pud = pudding 

This poem was chosen, along with almost 400 other poems, for publication in 2010.  I hope your children like it.  Josie