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Duck Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

The Mallard Duck - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Mallard Duck (The)

A group of *doleful mallard ducks

     Are sitting in the rain

And I’m sure that they are wondering

     When the sun will shine again.


And whilst the rain pours down on them,

     They’re preening oily feathers.

It’s these which keep them warm and dry

    Despite the cold, wet weather.


How can you tell the ducks from drakes?

      Well who have the green heads?

It’s drakes who have the feathers bright

     And their wives are brown instead.


But listen to that raucous voice!

    The female’s quack is loud.

She’s thirteen ducklings on the lake

      And feels so very proud.


On rivers, streams or on a lake

    That’s where they love to meet.

With bottoms up and heads well down,

     They’re finding food to eat. 


Now look down at those orange feet

    And tell me what you see.

Look!  Two webbed feet to help them swim,

     But no webbed feet for me.


They’ve waddled over icy grass

     So perhaps their feet are cold,   

But a duck in boots?  Well that would be

    Quite something to behold!!

Copyright on all my poems

* doleful: very sad or miserable.

* raucous: loud and unpleasant

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