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Flower Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Marigold (The)

Summer gardens, full of flowers,
Soak up the sunny summer hours
     And there, amongst the rest, behold
     The cheerful, orange marigold.

Calendula, its other name,
Has brought this plant a lot of fame:
    It’s healing properties in cream
    Mean humans hold it in esteem.

Cuts and wounds from when you fall?
This cream will heal them one and all.
     Rashes, burns all cause you grief.
     Calendula will bring relief.

These mellow yellow marigolds
Look doleful when the days are cold,
      But in the sunshine, petals bright,
       They make a truly joyous sight.

Year by year they’ll come again,
Resplendent in both sun or rain 
     To grace your garden, bring delight
     And paint a truly splendid sight.


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