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Minibeast Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Miss Marcella Moth

Miss Marcella Moth,

     Quite early one June,
Came out in the evening

      In the light of the moon.

She flitted and fluttered

     In the moon’s silver glow,
Then fluttered some more

     And then where did she go?

Well, she saw in the distance

     The glow of a light,
It’s bright golden beam

     Shining into the night. 

So Miss Marcella Moth,

     Thinking she would explore,
Flew up to this house

     And went in through the door.

She flitted and fluttered

     By the light’s golden ray,
But her wings touched the light

     And she cried in dismay.

With one very burnt wing

     She quite soon disappeared
Saying: 'I'll stay in my garden. 

     It's safer out here.'


Copyright on all my poems

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