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Poems about the Moon

By Josie Whitehead

PERSONIFICATION:    Personification is a figure of speech in which a thing – an idea, an animal or any other non-human thing is given human attributes.  I use this wonderful tool all the time, as you will see.  I've written many poems using it, so watch out.  In this poem, the moon does many things which perhaps humans do, including 'stepping lightly' etc.  Josie

Moon Steps - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Moon Steps

The moon steps lightly through the night
      Above our sleeping earth.
She sees the sunshine say goodbye
     And greets each day’s new birth.

She sends her moonlight on our homes.
     She lightly kisses trees.
Her silvery light teases the waves
     And lulls the restless seas.

She beams down on the desert sand,
     On fields and pastures green.

The sun’s strong rays can burn and scorch
     But her touch is velveteen.

Our city lights outshine the moon
     With their razzle-dazzle light,
But over quiet countryside
     The moon has lustre bright.

Gone are the reds, the golds and blues
     That enrich our earthly day,
Whilst stealthy shades of darkness 
     Steal these boisterous hues away.

Our clock hands move, the sun returns;
     We welcome in the light -
But as our earth slowly revolves,
     The moon returns with night.

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