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Poems for Younger Children

By Josie Whitehead

Cute Girl Eating Apple


By Josie Whitehead

My Favourite Food

  kate   FRED  SAM  SUE    

Who likes scones with lots of jam?
'Oh yes, my favourite food,' said . . . . 

And who likes apples, rosy red?
'Yes, they’re my favourite fruit,' said . . . .

There’s nice roast beef upon this plate:
'I love roast beef for lunch,' said . . . . 

Some apple pie, with custard too?
'Well that’s my favourite sweet,' said . . . .

So what things do you like to eat?
Savoury food or something sweet?

Copyright on all my poems

What words do you think the little girl in the picture might use in connection with her apple?  For certain she doesn't say: 'It is horrible.'  How do I know this?  Oh, look at her face.

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