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Dactylic Poetry/
Shadowing Song/Music etc
to make a poem of your own

By Josie Whitehead

Pink Birthday Cake
Wrapped Gift


By Josie Whitehead

Josie & David 1.jpg
Dancing in Pink

(Dactylic Metre)

Also a 'shadow' poem of


My Favourite Things


So why not sing this poem?

My Favourite Wot-Nots - Dactyllic
Coffee and Croissants

Bright coloured packages tied up with ribbons;

Monkeys and lemurs and sweet baby gibbons;

      Presents and birthday cake, gooey and creamy;

      Pretty pink dresses that make me feel dreamy!


Blue sky above me and bright purple heather;

Picnics with friends when we have sunny weather.

    Days I enjoyed with my father and mother;

    Learning to share when along came a brother.


Coffee and croissant with friends in the morning;

Putting on weight?  Well I should heed the warning!

     Grandchildren call me to join in their playing,

     So there's no more to say and no point in staying!


                                                     Goodbye . . . .

Copyright on all my poems




*  'Wot-nots' is a common English expression meaning various things of various descriptions.  eg:  'I'm doing some washing today and if you have any wot-nots that need washing, put them out.'  'Everyone brought a variety of wot-nots for the school sale.' 

Dactylic metre:  DUM diddy DUM diddy - The emphasis on the first syllable followed by 2 smaller syllables.  COFFee and CROISsant with - - etc


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