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Poems for Younger Children

By Josie Whitehead


My Friends - wix.jpg

This lovely artwork kindly given to us by Peter Hudspith


By Josie Whitehead

My Friends

I have a friend whose name is Billy
And we all think he’s rather silly.
      He doesn’t work and acts the fool
      And really wastes his time at school.

Another friend, whose name is Lynn,
Is very small and rather thin.

    She wears blue jeans and pink tee-shirts.
    I’ve never seen her wearing skirts.

Some twins, who can’t be told apart,
Are both extremely good at art.
    Then Daniel, Jenny, Pat and Trevor:
    All of them are very clever.

I love to see my friends each day
And even after school we play.
     Our birthday parties are such fun,
     But we’re tired out when day is done.


Copyright on all my poems

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