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By Josie Whitehead


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By Josie Whitehead

My Garden
(Josie Poole then)

In my garden you will see
Flowers, birds and a busy bee;
    Fragrant tulips, lilies, roses -
    All the things to make some posies.

From my window you will hear
Blackbirds, thrushes, larks so clear;
     Gathering moss and twigs and hair -
     Making nests of beauty rare.

My garden gives me such great pleasure,
But alas it gives me little leisure:
     Weeding, watering and cutting the lawn,
     One needs to rise before the dawn.

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This poem was written by me when I was 11 years of age.  I was an 11 plus failure and at a secondary modern school.  We weren't taught anything about poetry, although I loved reading it, and certainly not taught about metre.  I wrote this poem for our school magazine, and it remained in my mother's drawer where we found it when she died.  I look at this lovely little poem with its perfect tetrameter and description of my little garden and I am quite surprised at it and yet - no-one encouraged me to write any further poetry and so from then until I was about 65 years of age, any talent I had remained undetected.  It was children in my local primary school, whom I visited as a volunteer visitor, who encouraged me to write, and they obviously thought I had talent because they asked for a new poem each week and year by year.  Thank you children for what you did.  It has been published in a book.   Josie