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Christmas Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Christmas Decorations
Names in a Book .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Names in a Book

Each newborn babe will have a name,

     Quite soon after their birth,

And this will travel far with them

      During their time on Earth.


Then people store these names in books

     And add addresses, too,

And at Christmas-time, when cards are sent,

     Each name then comes in view.


This means a Christmas card is sent,

      And sometimes presents too,

And these are sent, we hope, with love

     To me and also you. 


From aunts and uncles, grandparents

    And friends who live away,

They’re sent with love across the miles,

     To brighten up your day.


Perhaps you’ll like the Christmas cards,

     And, of course, the presents too,

For with them comes the lovely thought

     That someone’s thought of you.


Then, displayed upon the window sills,

      Are the cards for all to see,

And we’ll give thanks for all the love,

      That’s sent for you and me.

Copyright on all my poems

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