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Health and Wellbeing Poems
for Children

. . . . Sleep
By Josie Whitehead
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By Josie Whitehead

Night Owls and Morning Larks

They call some people night owls
    For they love to stay up late,
But rising when the sun arrives
    Is something which they hate.

They’re grumpy, grisly, grouching folk –
    Not nice at breakfast-time -
But in the evening there’s a change.
    Their temperament’s sublime.

The larks are quite the opposite.
    It’s mornings they like best.
A lark’s the first to start the day
    And leave its human nest.

They shake off sleep quite easily.
     They’re up to meet the dawn.
It’s breakfast time they feel their best
    With no signs of a yawn.

But don’t ask larks to stay out late -
    That wouldn’t suit at all!
By evening they just think of sleep
    As in their beds they crawl.

 Our own internal body clock
    Sends signals to our brain.
It tells us when to go to bed
    And when to wake again.

Our eyes send messages as well
    As dark and light they see.
Our body clock gets ticking when
    It’s wound up by their key.

The problem is we do not want
    Our guidance from the sun,
So we put electric lighting on
    And stay up having fun.

If your body clock becomes confused,
    Then sleep, you just cannot.
I have a tip to help you sleep
    Which I find helps a lot.

If you don’t want to be an owl,
    Go early to your bed,
For after several hours of sleep
    You’ll rise a lark instead.

Copyright on all my poems

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