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Poems about 
Our Natural World

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

One Thousand

One thousand pretty flowers proclaim

     The arrival of the spring.

One thousand hailstones from above

     Come pitter pattering.


One thousand birdsongs resonate

     Across a woodland grove.

One thousand golden leaves float down -

     They’re Nature’s treasure trove.


One thousand notes of music

     From a very boisterous band.

One thousand waves beat tirelessly

     Upon the golden sand.


One thousand little minibeasts

     Watch all of us each day -

And one thousand shouts now tell me

     That the children are at play.


One thousand snowflakes in the sky

       Come down from up above.

One thousand fairies send them

       As a special gift of love.

One thousand rain drops splatter

      On the windows of your school,

And at playtime you must stay inside.

       Now don’t you think that’s cruel?


One thousand silly reasons why

      Your homework’s not been done,

But it’s hard to fit in boring things

      When having lots of fun.

One thousand poems I've written -

      Well, it's more than that, it's true -

And each and every one of them

       Is a special gift to you. 

Copyright on all my poems

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