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Christmas Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Hanging Ornaments
Otley Victorian Fayre.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Otley's Victorian Day

It’s that time of year you need something to cheer,
     When the days can be gloomy and grey.
An event’s very near, which I recommend dear.
      It’s Otley’s Victorian Day.

In Victorian apparel, come join in a carol
     And listen to street organs play.

See market stalls dressed with gifts of the best
      At Otley’s Victorian Day.

The pubs do good trade, Christmas tables are laid.
      If you want a meal, follow this way.
It’s Christmas, make merry with mince pies and sherry 
      At Otley’s Victorian Day.
See folk dance in their clogs in Victorian *togs,
      The music will cause you to sway.
All this singing and dancing can lead to romancing 
     At Otley’s Victorian Day.

Here’s my favourite shop where I just want to stop.
     See, they’re handing out drinks from a tray.
Here’s some stollen I’ll try, which I know I will buy,
     At Otley’s Victorian Day. 

The handbells will ring with a ting-a-ling ling
      And good things you’ll find on
Shut the door on your jobs and come, follow the mobs 
      To Otley’s Victorian Day.

Copyright on all my poems

* togs = clothes.

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