Climate Change Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Our World is in Great Pain

I never thought I’d see the day

    When I’d see Earth from space –

But, with the aid of satellites,

    We can view  this lovely place.


It’s a turning ball of blue and white,

    Exquisite to our eyes,

But we must take good care of it

    Before our planet dies.


The scientists tell us clearly that

    Our world is full of pain

And the reason for its suffering

    Is caused by human gain.


We forget our world’s a living place

     That needs our love and care,

And to do the things which cause it harm

     For certain, isn’t fair.


We’re dumping rubbish in the seas

     And killing creatures there.

We contaminate ourselves as well,

      By fouling our fresh air.


The changes brought by weather, too,

     Are caused by humankind

And what is calling out in pain?

     A world that’s been maligned!


The forests of our lovely world?

      Destroyed for human gain –

And many creatures in our world

      Will not be seen again.


We’ve satellites now out in space

     That show what man has done,

And the message which they send to earth

     We really should not shun.


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