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B i r d   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

Watercolor Penguin 3
Watercolor Penguin 1
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By Josie Whitehead

Watercolor Penguin 2
Watercolor Penguin 2
Penguins of Loro Parque (The)

There are families of penguins who live in a ‘fridge’

      And perhaps you’ll be wondering why.

Their ice-world’s a place that all penguins like,

     And these penguins for certain aren’t shy.


The temperature’s just what a penguin would like,

      And they’ve a freezing cold pool where they swim.

There was only one problem, the penguins all said:

      ‘Without sunshine our world is too dim.’


So they gave them bright lights and lots of blue sky,

      And a beach where they look out to sea.

They added some rocks to their cold, snowy shore 

       And they’ve plenty of humans to see.


Quite often the penguins enjoy a snowstorm,

       As they love the snowflakes on their skin.

And what do they need in addition to this

      To prevent them from all getting thin?


They’re supplied every day with tasty fish meals,

      And they’re never pursued by a shark,

And these families of penguins lead lives full of ease

     In their Ice World within Loro Parque.

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