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Poems About Playing
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

On a Swing
Children in Playground


By Josie Whitehead

Playtime for Boys and Girls

Do you like playing?  I do too.

     It’s nice to play with friends.

Why do we play? Because it’s fun

      And we’re sad when playtime ends.


So tell me what games you like best?

     I play mine every week –

I play this when I’ve lost something:

     My game’s called 'hide and seek.'


Do you like skipping?  Have you tried?

     You’ll need your skipping rope.

Then round and round and jump and jump.

     You’ll like this game, I hope.


Dogs and cats like playing too.

     All creatures love to play,

And playing teaches many skills

     To help you one fine day.


Now football - have you tried this yet?

     It’s lots of fun, they say,

But perhaps you’ll talk now, in your class,

     About the games you play.

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