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Bird Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Prime Property - Alliteration
Prime Property.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Prime Property

There’s property to let, I see.

     I thought you’d want to know.

It’s a gorgeous residential site

     Where cold winds seldom blow.


There’s a choice of pretty houses too -

     Yes, three all in a line -

And the residential site, they say,

     Is oh so very prime.


With days becoming longer now

      And blue skies overhead,

Those little thoughts soon turn to love

     And families to be fed.


The sunny days ahead of them

     Will change their lazy lives.

Don’t wait too long; it’s rather late

     To find your pretty wives!


'This house, we both have quite agreed,

       Exactly meets our needs.

The view is good, it’s safe and warm

     And near some tasty seed!'


'Our nesting homes are truly great,

     And it’s thanks to you from us,

That we can live our lives near you,

      With hardly any fuss.'


'You’ll see us as we come and go,

     And work throughout the spring

And then you’ll meet our families

     Who will join us as we sing.'

Copyright on all my poems

* Prime property:   property that is considered to be of the highest quality and in the most desirable locations.  My brother made the three little 'nesting boxes' above but I added the little notice: 'To let, unfurnished'. Josie


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