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Page 1 - Princess  and the Frog
The Princess and the Frog, page 2, continued . . . . 

Princess and the Frog (The) - Part 2

The princess wasn’t all too sure:

       ‘A slimy frog, a pet?’

And yet, he didn’t seem too bad,

      And didn't seem too wet.


She shared her meal with her new friend,

      And he slept upon her bed,

But I think the princess, just like you,

     Might have preferred a dog instead.


Oh, this story isn’t finished yet.

     There’s more to add to this:

When she awoke, her frog was there,

       And . . . asked her for a . . . kiss!’


She looked down at his small green face

      As he sat on her bed,

And then she kissed the little chap

      Upon his small green head.


A swish, a swash, a magic sound:

     The princess stood in dread,

Whilst the froggy vanished in a flash,

     And, a prince stood there instead!


He told her that a witch’s spell

       Had been behind all this:

‘But, luckily, you broke her spell,

     By giving me a kiss.'


This story, like so many more,

       Has come now to its end,

But the moral is: Keep promises

      And you’ll always have a friend.        


Copyright on all my poems


* Adapted from the story by the Brothers Grimm   

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