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Longer Narrative Poems

for Children

By Josie Whitehead

The Princess and the Frog .jpg


(Adapted from a Grimm's Fairy Story)

By Josie Whitehead

Princess and the Frog - Part 1

A pretty princess had a ball –

     A golden ball no less -

But something happened one fine day

     To cause her lots of stress.


She tossed her ball into the air

       And in the pond it fell,

And did she get it back again?

       Oh, this tale I must tell:


‘I’ll never see my ball again,'

      The princess sadly cried,

But suddenly the ball appeared

     With a small frog at her side.


‘What will you give me for your ball?’

       The small frog quickly said.

'I’d like to be your special friend

      And share your food and bed.’


The princess quickly said: ‘All right,’

       And gladly grasped her ball,

But then she hurried off back home 

       And went into the hall.


But, who came hopping after her?

      Come on, you’ll surely guess.

I’m sure you all guess who I mean:

      The little frog, oh yes!


But . . . 

She changed her mind about this friend

      And, telling Dad, she wept:

But the king, her father, said to her:

      'A promise must be kept.'

                                       Continued  . . . .

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