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The Princess and the Pea - page 1

Continued . . . . 

Princess and the Pea part 2

'We’ll discover the truth,' said the Queen, full of doubt.
'We'll test that young lady and the truth will come out.'
       Beneath twenty mattresses place one small pea
       And then, when the bed’s made, report back to me!'

The servants worked hard and the bed was soon made,
And there, ‘neath the weight of the bedding they laid
      A tiny green pea hidden from human sight – 
      And now, what would happen in here in the night?


'Now come little princess.  It’s time for your bed,'
And the well-fed young lady was courteously led
     To the room where the bed had been carefully made
     And a stylish and delicate nightdress was laid.

'Now sleep well my dear,' were the words the Queen said
And then, shutting the door, she went to her bed.
      Next morning she asked: 'Did you sleep well last night?'  
      But it was obviously clear that things weren't all right.


'No, I slept very badly,' the princess replied
And, showing them bruises, she gloomily sighed:
      'Well I feel just as if I have slept on a stone,'
       And, rubbing her back, she uttered a groan.

'I’ve tossed and I’ve turned and then tossed again more
And I’ve not slept a wink, and that is for sure!
     And yet it seems strange for my bed was quite soft
     And, with so many mattresses, I felt quite aloft.'

The Queen said: 'Your aching limbs speak well to me –
For only a princess would be vexed by a pea.
     You’re a lady, I feel, who’s so right for my son 
     And look at his face!  His heart you have won.' 
The prince said: 'For certain, this girl is for me.
Through all of those mattresses she felt that small pea.'
     He looked down with love at the sweet little face
     And knew that no other could take this girl’s place.

The date of the wedding was quickly arranged 
And then the gold rings and the vows were exchanged
      And, happily married for the rest of her life,
      This true princess lived with her prince as his wife.

Copyright on all my poems 


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