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Playing with Words

By Josie Whitehead

Problem with Passengers (The) .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Problem with Passengers (The)

'I’ve left all my luggage behind at the station.

My handbag’s been lost and a tall dark relation.

It seems I’ve been given some misinformation.

I don’t seem quite ready for my embarkation!'


People are awkward – there’s much provocation.

Just listen to these with their own altercation.

'I’m not sitting here!  Was there no allocation?'

'Oh I fear there has been some misinterpretation.'


The aircraft takes off with some fast levitation,

So we’re now on our way to our chosen location.

'I’m so looking forward to my lovely vacation.

Well, that’s if we get to our right destination!!'

Copyright on all my poems

Now you try writing a poem yourself with the word on every line ending with 'tion'.  It's lots and lots of fun as well as a challenge!                                                                                                               Josie

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