Minibeast Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Problem With So Many Feet - Heading.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Problem with So Many Feet (The)

Two centipedes sat on a rotting old tree

     And talked of the  problems of feet.

'If only, like humans, I had only two,

     Buying shoes would be really a treat.'


His friend then replied: 'Why bother with shoes?

     Just walk without any,' he said.

'And think of the problems that shoes always cause

     When it’s time to get ready for bed.'


'I sleep in my shoes,' his friend quietly said,

     'Though I find them a little bit hot,

And the mud on my sheets is a problem as well -

     And, of course, there is often a lot!'


'Cleaning your shoes would be such a big task.

     I don’t do that job any more,

And polishing so many centipede shoes?

     Well, it’s really a terrible bore!'


'I think your advice makes a great deal of sense

     For, without them, I’d have peace of mind!'

So, look out when you next go to walk in the woods -

     For a centipede’s shoes you may find.

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