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Poetic Riddles for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Riddles (Poetic Riddles)




You can see me very clearly

    As you look at someone’s face

But you never see me clearly

    When that someone’s in disgrace.


The eyes light up, the lips stretch out

     Whenever you feel glad

And, everybody carries one,

     But never in their bag.


I come out every evening,

   And my home is in the sky.

My face will shine upon you

     Unless clouds are passing by.


In the daytime I’ll be missing,

    And I'm hidden by the sun.

Some humans came to visit me

     And that was lots of fun.


I can tell you now I never was,

    But to you I’ll always be –

No-one ever saw me –

    But perhaps may later see.


People always use my name

    When they speak of future hopes

But throw me off unkindly

    If they feel they cannot cope.


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Answers:  1 - A smile
                     2 - A star or it could be the moon, 
                      3 - Tomorrow

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