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B i r d   P o e m s
 By Josie Whitehead 

Image by A Perry


By Josie Whitehead

Robin - A Special Bird (The)

In January’s snow a job begins:
     A robin seeks a wife.
The breeding season’s nearly here;
     They’ll have a busy life.

In hollow, nook or thick hedgerow
     They’ll make their little nest
And near a place with lots of food
      Is usually the best.

By March, nest made, it’s time to lay
     Five eggs all in a batch.
Then from the warmth of this small bird
     Five eggs will shortly hatch.


Their youngsters, just like you or me,
     Are naked when they come
And so they’re glad they’ll still keep warm
     When snuggled under Mum.


In the next two weeks these baby birds
    Will eat and eat and eat –
And when their parents bring a worm,
     It’s such a special treat.


The youngsters soon will leave the nest;
     And make their voices heard,
And, tell me who could not feel love
     For this special little bird? 

Copyright on all my poems  





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