Christmas Story-Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Santa's Shut Up Shop

Santa's job was just too much -
     In fact he'd had his day
And the cost of keeping six reindeer?
     'It costs too much for hay!'

Santa grumbled all year round:
     'The job has got too hard,
And what about my poor old sleigh
     That's standing in my yard?'

'So, have YOU seen the cost of sleighs?
     I'm sure you'd be amazed!
The children's lists just grow and grow.
     They want so much these days!'

Someone heard poor Santa's words.
     'I've got a good idea.
What not sell your toys online?
      It's easier my dear.'

'You get them sent to people's homes
      By lorry, truck or van,
And take it easy, poor old man.
     Relax whilst you still can!'

So don't expect to hear a sleigh
     Arrive on Christmas Eve.
Now Amazon plays Santa's role -
     Well that's what I believe!

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