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By Josie Whitehead

Scarborough - Queen of the Coast

The Queen of Yorkshire’s lovely coast 
Is Scarborough who, quite rightly, boasts
    Its good clean beaches, castle grand -
    And donkey rides on Scarborough’s sands.

They’ve B&B’s that say: 'Come In'
And warming sun to brown the skin.
They’ve bracing winds that clear the lungs
    With salted air that sits on tongues.

Gone are the Romans, long ago,
And Danes have gone, oh yes, I know.
     But gone and left no living trace?
No, their mark’s been left upon this place.

It looks across the cold North Sea,
And, standing high for all to see,
     A castle glowers to scare the foe
     Who might be lurking down below.

Its threatening face no longer shields
Our country from those far afield,
    And Scarborough, looking out to sea,
    Greets all with hospitality. 

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