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Senses Poems

By Josie Whitehead

This poem is written in
Anapaestic Metre 
Children Playing by the Sea


By Josie Whitehead

Seaside Sensations

When you go to the seaside,

     Just what do you see?
The rumbling, tumbling

     Waves of the sea?

The seagulls that fly

     Overhead in the skies?

Oh I know you’ll be glad

     To have wonderful eyes.


Then your nose tells you things

     When you go to the sea,
And the first is the smell

     Of the fish at the quay.

Then the breeze from the sea

     Brings such sweet smelling air
That will cool your hot skin

     And then ruffle your hair.


​So what tastes can be found

     On your day at the sea?
Some fish and chips, ice cream  -  

     A good cup of tea?

Well our Mum’s packed a picnic

     With good things to eat:
There are sandwiches, crisps

     And some fruit that is sweet.


​Can you hear those loud waves

     As they crash on the beach?
Then from far up on high,

     Hear those noisy gulls screech?


Well now listen again:

      Human children at play!

It’s for certain they’re having

     A wonderful day.


​Feel the sand on the beach

     As it tickles your toes.
Feel the spray from the sea

     As it reaches your nose.


Feel the wind on your face

    And the heat of the sun!
Now, without your five senses

     You'd miss all this fun!

Copyright on all my poems

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