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Poem Showing the Absurdities
of English Spelling

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Seeing is Not Believing

Tree rhymes with ski.  Is that simple to see?

     Blue rhymes with through that’s quite true.

You have me with one e, also see and then tea.

     Is this getting confusing for you?


Why does need rhyme with read and me rhyme with bee?

     Why does bread rhyme with bed and not knead?

There’s no reason or rhyme why plead sounds like seed.

    It’s baffling, you’ll surely concede.


Now if scuff rhymes with rough and cow rhymes with bough

     Why does off rhyme with cough and not through?

If thought rhymes with caught and right rhymes with spite,

   Then, like me, you may not have a clue.


If mislead and precede sound exactly like greed,

    I think said should sound different to shed.

If you say chew just as blue and niece is like peace

     Perhaps spelling’s too much for your head.


You must pay for bouquets and weigh up what you say

     Whilst straight and weight obviously rhyme.

While grow rhymes with sew, oh I feel I should go

     And do more useful things with my time.


Whilst it surely is true that this poem helps you,

     English spelling was meant to torment.

But don’t give up in despair for we really do care

     And my poem was truly well meant.

Copyright on all my poems

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