Bolton Abbey .jpg

Bolton Abbey, near my home


By Josie Whitehead

Sense of Love (A)

Yorkshire’s sounds have won my heart -
    Brass bands and bleating sheep -
The rippling streams and waterfalls
    That down the moorsides leap.

The taste of Yorkshire’s what I like,
    With its local, fresh cuisine -
Its rhubarb and asparagus,
   And tasty runner bean.
They call them stick beans)

Yorkshire’s smells?  Oh let me see - 
    The smell of fish and chips? 
The bread, the cheese and don’t forget
    The beer to tempt your lips.

It’s the touch of Yorkshire that I like -
    The hugs from friendly folk;
The eyes that touch with kindliness;
    The mouth that tells the joke.

The sight of Yorkshire’s countryside
     Wins far more hearts than mine,
But for me, I’m staying here for sure,
    It’s a place that suits me fine!!

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