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By Josie Whitehead

Sheffield - A City on the Move

Sheffield!  Well to be quite brief,
Its name’s linked to the River Sheaf.
     This city’s roots were quickly grown
     Once Sheffield steel became well-known.

This city grew on coal and steel:
A good day’s work had man appeal.
      Forging hammers thumped away
      With furnace blazing night and day.


New Sheffield’s clothed with woods and trees;
With good fresh air; with flowers and bees.
      The Peak District’s within its bounds,
       Where peace and beauty can be found.

In their world-class university,
Courses abound for you and me.
       Housed in buildings new and chic
       The cultural vibrancy’s unique.  


There is art and music, song and dance;
And ballet helps improve the stance!
      Swimming, running?  Put out feelers.
      Ice Hockey with Sheffield Steelers.

Boxing, tennis, basketball; 
Lots more sport?  For me that’s all.
     A glasshouse with a heart of green?
     The Winter Gardens must be seen!

Money to spend?  Then come with me!
I’ll take you on a shopping spree.
     With many shops from top to toe
     Meadowhall is where to go.

This city stands up tall and proud,
With attributes that draw the crowd.
      With these few words I’ve hoped to prove
      That Sheffield’s a city on the move.

Copyright on all my poems

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