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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead


Shhh - 

By Josie Whitehead

Shhh - Listen to the Music of Our World

A man went round from house to house:
     ‘It’s music that I need.’
One boy appeared with flute in hand
     And played a jig at speed.

Another boy, with violin,
     Tuned up and then he played;
And, when his lively tune was heard,
     The people swayed and swayed.

A girl came with her clarinet;
     Her sweet notes filled the skies –

And people’s hearts were gently touched
     And tears came to their eyes.

A man arrived with empty hands:
     ‘No instrument have I,
But quietly listen to our world:
     The wind, the sea, the sky.

'Listen to the waves that crash
     On pebbles on a beach,

And hearken to those boisterous winds
     That whistle, howl and screech.

'Find time to hear the sweet birdsong,
     Each with its tuneful sound,
And in the quietness, mark my words,
     It’s peace-music you’ve found.

Copyright on all my poems



Write down 4 sounds that you like to hear in the natural world - and try to think of some unusual ones that perhaps we don't hear in our country.  Do any of these sounds have special words?  Look at my own poem and find my own special words for sounds.  Discuss these in class.   Some sounds resemble the sound made by the animal or bird and are called onomatopoeia, eg sizzle of sausages; the cluck of a hen; cuckoo; splash of  water.  Josie


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