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Adverb Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Fluffy White Clouds

S I L E N T L Y 
An Adverb Poem Written in Dactylic Tetrameter
By Josie Whitehead

Silently - An Adverb Poem

Silently courses the brown snaking river;
Silently shimmering, the frost makes us shiver.
     Silently soft clouds drift past up on high,
     Puffing along in a *halcyon sky.

Silently darkness descends all around;
Silently leaves drop upon the cold ground;
     Silently the barn owl steals from his bed;
     Time for the creatures of night to be fed.

Silently rises the moon in the sky;
Silently daytime is saying goodbye.
     Silently I make my way to my bed
Where problems of day drift away from my  head.

Copyright on all my poems


Note:  An adverb describes a verb (a doing thing).  Now you write some sentences starting with silently, and perhaps some that begin with noisily, eg:  Noisily children all chattered in class.  This sentence is also is written in tetrameter.  Try it.  It's easy.  Josie 

* halcyon sky:  calm, peaceful, tranquil.  




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