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Starry Sky


Moon Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Starry Sky
Full Moon


By Josie Whitehead


Silvery Moon (The)

The silvery moon, high in the sky,
     Looks down from up above
And as she passes overhead,
     She sends you all her love.

Queen of the dark and sunless sky, 
      She lights our world at night 
But when the sun returns next day
     She disappears from sight.

The owls come out to hunt at night, 
     And bats fly in her beams –
But children may well see her face
     Well, if they wake from dreams.

Her silvery rays will light your room
     With a soft and mellow ray
But as our earth turns slowly round,
     She’ll disappear next day.   

You’ll see the moon’s bright silvery face
     Appear again next night.
That’s when those living where we do
    Turn from the sun’s bright light.

Copyright on all my poems 



Note the personification I've used throughout this poem.

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