Poems About our
Beautiful Natural World

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Silvery River (The)

Silvery river, sparkling wavelets,

      And stony pebble-bed.

A tiny trickle’s left behind you

      And a city’s far ahead.


Mirrored images in water

       Are carried on your tide.

Fish swim forwards in your belly;

      Sheep graze at your side.


Lustrous clouds and silvery shadows

     Dance upon your face.

Spiders’ silken webs above you,

      Spun as fine as lace.


Reflections find a home for dancing:

       Clouds drift way up high.

Birds that flutter, swoop or hover,

      Skim across the sky.


Other movement’s now above you -

      Aircraft overhead -

But you sail onwards, ever seawards,

      On your stony bed.


Listen!  Can you hear a city?

      Hear that boisterous roar!

City towers now etch the skyline;

      Bridges stretch from shore to shore.


With countryside left far behind you,

       A seaport’s now in view.

The sea is beckoning, silvery river,

        So bon voyage to you.

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