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Poems About our
Beautiful Natural World

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Silvery River (The)

Silvery river, sparkling wavelets,

    And stony pebble-bed.

A tiny trickle’s left behind you

    And a city’s far ahead.


Mirrored images in water

     Are carried on your tide.

Fish swim forwards in your belly;

    Sheep graze at your side.


Lustrous clouds and silvery shadows

    Dance upon your face.

Spiders’ silken webs above you,

     Spun as fine as lace.


Reflections find a home for dancing:

     Clouds drift way up high.

Birds that flutter, swoop or hover,

    Skim across the sky.


Other movement’s now above you -

    Aircraft overhead -

But you sail onwards, ever seawards,

     On your stony bed.


Listen!  Can you hear a city

    With its mighty roar?

City towers now etch the skyline;

    While ships may touch your shores.


With countryside left far behind you,

     Guess what comes in view?

The sea is beckoning, silvery river,

       So bon voyage to you.

Copyright on all my poems

Tower Bridge.jpg
Tower Bridge, London
with River Thames underneath.

NOTE:  You only say the shores of a river when that river is in an estuary to the sea.  Usually there will be a city with people and buildings, and probably ships on the shores.  In its early part, you say 'the banks of the river' or perhaps there could be a little beach, as in our town.  There is actually more than one where children play and paddle in the river - and picnic of course.

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