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Skipton's January Sales

Christmas has passed and the presents all given.
Family battles were fought and the warriors forgiven.
     The sunshine's so bright on this crisp, frosty day

     And the January sales are well underway.
I'm going to Skipton to look for a bargain
And maybe some plants to put into the garden.
  The shop on the corner’s selling porcelain ladies.
      Be careful!  Don't trip over pushchairs and babies!

Watch out for the ice on the old cobbled street.
This butcher's shop's selling some wonderful meat.
      On the icy canal painted barges I see
      And this shop has a super dress just made for me.
Every corner of this shop is covered with lace
And that's not the end of this strange little place.
     The air's filled with perfume that's so aromatic,
     And boxes for everything that’s symptomatic.
This box near the counter clearly reads ‘dog oil’.

Doggy’s bark won't improve.  It's for your aches after toil.
   There's elderflower cordial and old fashioned sweet mix,
   And, in this cold winter weather 'sun cream for tropics'?

The Coffee Mill Cafe's where I'll take a break
And perhaps get a coffee and be tempted to cake.
     See the small covered malls still in Christmas array
     And the Christmas tree flaunting its cheery display?

 My shopping's all done and homeward I go
Past a blue reservoir and moors coated with snow.
     Do other sales' shoppers feel sleepy like me?
     I just cannot wait for my nice cup of tea.

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