Senses Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Sniff, Sniff, Take a Whiff

Well I’m not being nosey but did you study your nose?

Did you think to yourself: 'It should be nearer my toes?'

    Or perhaps you have thought: 'Well I don’t like its size,'

     Or considered the fact that it’s too near your eyes?


Did you think to yourself that it needs much attention? -

The cleaning and picking are two things to mention.

     The blowing, the snoring, the running and - please –

     Ahhhhh!  Keep back!  Here comes my S N E E Z E.




It’s a really good job it’s attached to our brain

And is one thing of many all linked in a chain.

      When the nose tells the brain there’s good food nearby,

      Your taste buds feel happy and think: 'Well, let’s try!'


Your nose sends a message when danger is near.

If it’s just toast that’s burning you’ve not much to fear,

     But if your nose wakes you up in the middle of night

     And the house is on fire!! -  My word!  What a fright!


The nose is quite happy with sweet smelling scent

But bad odours, like stink bombs, are things that torment.

     So love your poor nose for it works hard for you,

     And with this sweet smelling thought I wish you adieu!

Copyright on all my poems

Illustrations by Nicole Geast

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