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S e n s e s   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

ONOMATOPOEIA: Word(s) which imitate the sound made by something, eg splash, roar etc.


By Josie Whitehead

Sounds of Life (The)

The whir of the lawn mowers, the patter of feet;

The roar of traffic which comes down our street.
      The swishing of washing inside the machine,
      Rumbling and tumbling to make our clothes clean.

The clattering of dishes and buzzing of bees.
The rustle of wind as it blows through the trees.
     The jingle of money and the ring of a till.
     From out in the road comes the roar of a drill.

The crackling of flames when a bonfire is lit
And the clicking of needles when I start to knit.
     The babbling of water as it rushes by,
     Or the sizzle of sausages starting to fry.

Illustrations by Nicole Geast

The tick of the clock or the rattle of chains,
And up overhead the drone of a plane.
     The peal of church bells and a song of a bird -
     Yes, each little sound has its very own word.


Copyright on all my poems

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