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Girl with Flower
People Poems/
Our Human Bodies

By Josie Whitehead
Girl with Flower
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Special Gift of Genes (The) .jpg

By Josie Whitehead
Special Gift of Genes (The)

Look at your family photographs 
      And, what a big surprise!!!    

You'll see your features looking back
       From family members' eyes.  

My mother died, my father too.
     My aunts?  Yes, they have gone,
But through the features on my face
      I recall them every one.

My ancestors were simple folk -
    Not one a king or queen –
Who passed to me a special gift
     In the form of my own genes.

Each person carries his own set
    Which determine looks and health.
Your parents passed theirs on to you
     And they crept in with stealth.

Your genes send out the signals 
     That tell blood cells what to do
And it was through these messages
    That you grew into you.

The way you look, the way you move,
     Your stature and physique, 
Were made this way by your own genes
    And you are quite unique.

So whatever else your parents did
    To help you grow up strong,
Just thank them for these special gifts
    That serve you all lifelong.

Copyright on all my poems

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