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Minibeast Poems
 for Children

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Spider Care

Do big black spiders scare you all

As they climb swiftly up the wall,

     Or when they run across your floor

     And disappear through any door?


Then in the bath they’ll sit and wait.

 Is frightening you so really great?

     You try and catch them and they’ll run;

     Then hide again.  That’s ‘spider-fun!’


But have you ever sat and thought:

‘That spider’s frightened he’ll be caught,’ 

     And he’s not happy in your bath.

     He’d much prefer your garden path!


He doesn’t want to be your friend,

Nor wants his spider-life to end.

     Ask Dad to carefully put him out

     Where he’ll be happy, there’s no doubt.

Copyright on all my poems

Spider 3 .jpg

Note:  Of course a house spider doesn't want to be your friend.  He's in your house looking for food, ie insects in particular.  They have probably lived in your house for some time and were probably born in your house.  If you don't want them, spray your house with lavender or with lemon because they don't like the smell - - - and then they'll come to live in my house.  H E L P !   He is in your bath because he's fallen in and can't get out.  I have to tell you that I'm frightened of big black spiders in my home but I'm not frightened of them in the garden at all.


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