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Anti-Bullying Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Stop and Think - Words Hurt

Like a sniper’s gun, designed to kill,
     Your words can cause alarm.
They’ll strike a victim with great force
      And cause him grievous harm.

They’re meant to cause anxiety.
      They show that you don’t care.
With speed of light they’ll hit and hurt 
      As they fly through the air. 

Words can cause a lasting wound 
     That sadly may not mend,
So think before you say the words
      That may lose you a friend.

The person who receives these words
      Will look on you with shame 
Because to hurt someone with words
      Is such a dreadful game.

They’re used to hurt, to make one feel
      Unloved by other folk,
And those who bully with such words
      Might think that it’s a joke.

Think before you say cruel words 
     And ask yourself these things:
Are these the words you’d like to hear,
     Or the message that they bring?

I think your answer will be 'No.
     Those words would make me sad.'
Therefore you’d hate to hear them said.
     They’d make you feel quite bad. 

So, why say them to someone else?
     Why hurt them in this way
When your nice smile and kinder words
      Would brighten up their day?

Before you go to sleep tonight
    Just think about your day:
Have you done good for other folk
     And what things did you say?

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