Bird Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Swallows' Migration (The)

Something whispered in the air:

     ‘Winter’s on its way

And many swallows clearly heard

      Those words upon that day.


A hundred swallows joined their friends

     And waited in a line.

What prompted them to all do this?

     Perhaps there was a sign.


A hundred swallows took to flight

     Way up high in the sky –

And not one swallow even thought

     To call a small bye bye.


They streamed across the countryside -

     The towns and cities too.

They crossed long sandy beaches;

      Then traversed seas of blue.


They looked down onto Eastern France,

      But, no time to taste wine

Goodbye to France, it’s onwards now,

      Their journey’s going fine. 


Through Eastern Spain, Morocco,

      And the desert’s soon in sight.

Those swallows, with their little wings,

       Have had a long, long flight.


They’re now flying over rain forest:

      See the Congo’s down below.

These little birds fly southwards

      Far away from ice and snow.


South Africa’s their final stop . . . . but

     Next year:  Surprise, surprise!!

The swallows, after their long flight,

     Return to Europe’s skies.

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