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By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

That First Day at School

I’m lost in a place very far from my home -
In a forest where millions of sad children roam,
     With a teacher who tells everyone what to do.
      It is worse, oh much worse than a life in a zoo.

I’m missing my Mummy.  I’m missing my Dad
And oh oh oh oh - I am feeling so sad.
     The noise in the classroom is so very loud
     And oh how I hate being one of a crowd.

There are children who’re big - well as big as a bus -
And children who look and feel sorry for us.
     I’m put in a place where the others are tough 
     And look at the big ones who’re terribly rough.

I’m trying to remember the things I must do
And I’m doing my best to tie up my shoe.
The teacher is calling our names out, oh dear!

     She's now calling mine, but it's nothing to fear.

It seems a long time since I saw Mummy go.

The clock's hands are moving so terribly slow.

     The teachers all like us, we know by their smiles
     And yet home and my Mum seem a million miles!

At the end of the day I’ve made a few friends
And we’re all really glad that this day’s at its end.
     Tomorrow I’m sure will be better than this
And oh, here comes my Mum with a hug and a kiss.

Copyright on all my poems

Is this true?  Maybe for some children, but for many it is a time of meeting their friends from playschool and for making new friends.  Some children go into school apprehensively but they have smiles on their faces when they leave.  Oh, good luck and much happiness to those of you starting school.  I wish I was.

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