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People Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Happy Brothers


By Josie Whitehead

That Special Bond

I’m afraid it’s true - I called you names

     And enjoyed the funny ones.

Then when you cried because of this

     It gave me much more fun.


I’m afraid it’s true - I let Mum think

     That you had made that smell,

When you and I knew who it was

     And I knew all too well.


I’m afraid I didn’t share my toys

     And scribbled on your book,

And when our Daddy looked away,

     Your chocolate bar I took.


I’m afraid that underneath it all

     I’m bad, yes, through and through,

But you’ve done rotten things as well.

     It’s what we siblings do.


But underneath these childish games,

      Of which we’re all so fond,

We siblings really know the truth:

      We share that SPECIAL bond.


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