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Anti-Bullying Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Those Who Can't Do, Bully Others - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Those Who Can't Do, Bully Others

There’s one thing which I’ve found in life,

     Which I think is often true:

The ones who throw the insults most

     Are the ones who just can’t 'DO'.


These sad underachievers 

     Are known by what they say.

They’re looking out for victims

     By the night and by the day.


They see good things that others do

     And jealousy strikes hard.

You’ll know the sort of folks I mean;

     Keep always on your guard.


Their inner grudge gets bigger,

     So they’ll study you or me -

They’re nasty characters inside,

     And as mixed up as can be.


Their jealousy burns deep inside;

     They don’t like to feel outdone.

Their nasty words are just their way

     Of, sadly, having fun.


They’re ones you should feel sorry for,

     But it really is a shame

That many people suffer 

     From their malicious, spiteful games.


Bullies start with insults

     For they know that words can bruise.

It’s the only weapons that they have,

     So this is what they use.


Inside they may have problems

     That cause their low esteem.

They’re cowards underneath it all

     And need others in their teams.


When these sad underachievers

     Give attention just to you,

Remember what I’ve told you:

     'They’re the ones who cannot 'DO'.


Bullies use all sorts of tricks

     To ensure they can’t be caught.

Their inner sense of power grows

     From victims who’re distraught.


I also suffered bullying

     And here’s what you should do:

Let other people know of it

     When the bullies target you!

Copyright on all my poems

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